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Finding My Niche- The Beginning

Finding My Niche

I've lived a rather sheltered life, sexually until about a year ago. I've been rather shy and modest. Normally I Am very bold ,outspoken and hard to keep quiet. But when the topic of conversation would become sex, Id revert to a church mouse. Head down, blushing uncontrollably...Who would've thought that this bold bitchy lady could be so easily flustered and lose her tongue ? 


Being the youngest in my circle of friends and acquaintance's, not having seen and experienced all that they had I became intrigued. How could they exude all this confidence and power. How do they have these regular everyday people committed to them. I have always been a little uppity,selfish and bossy but never have I seen it revered. I was captivated,enthralled . 

Sexually I was unhappy to say the least. I cant stand giving head (oral) but LOVE receiving it and nowadays everyone wants some sloppy toppy lol. Everyone wants to receive and not give. I wanted something different....Something I controlled. Silently I started my plan to enter this new found world that had existed all along. 

During my search i stumbled upon a posting titled " Oral slave Goddess needed". The posting read " WM in need of goddess to worship orally. Will please repeatedly as much as needed." As I read the post it was as if my fingers moved on their own. I began to answer the ad and wait.


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Everyday items made Kinky

Musings of a Domme
 Intro to Kink😜  So many times those associated with Kink & Bdsm are labeled deviants. When in all actuality some kink and honesty could save a lot of relationships. If you like to have kinky fun and worried about how your partner might react RELAX! Your normal just spicier than other's.
So, let me guess your curious about spicing it up in the bedroom or around the house but unsure of how to approach the topic. Well  here’s a few everyday items you can get creative with. Enjoy 😊

Things you’ll need & what they can be used for.

For Testing Limits

For those curious about kinking it up, Items below can be used to test and explore pain and pleasure thresholds. 

Clothespins can be used on nipples,inner thigh and balls to name a few.  I recommend first trying on thighs, nipples and stomach so that you can gauge yourself and play partners limits.

Flogger  (pictured left)
 1 step up from the basics but this baby is a lot scarier than it looks.  Floggers can be intimida…

May Is National Masturbation Month

We all do it at some point in our lives sometimes, some more frequent than others.

How do You like to be touched?
Do you play music? Is your Ipod attached to your toy?
Take some time out and Pleasure YOURSELF :)
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Wet Dream Wednesdays

Thumb-Fucking Thursdays

Full-Frontal Fridays

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Been Gone too Long

It’s Been Awhile to say the least but I am Back and even more dedicated to bringing you information on topics we know some of Us are curious about and so forth. Please feel free to message me . The hiatus is Over!!πŸ˜€ Since it’s been awhile here’s one of my thoughts after a session. Hope you enjoy πŸ˜‰ 
Anyone have a smoking fetish?

It’s Been Awhile 
Like the first drag after a few months of not smoking Exhilarating but naughty With every release of smoke I can only say yea, It’s been awhile Like after wearing a  Needy little prick out  You know stripping him Putting him on all fours Then finally  Sitting back  Pulling on my finely rolled joint  While tired and bruised pricky lays at my feet Waiting my command With every exhale  I ask myself how could I have gone this long
Musings of A Domme