Friday, May 3, 2013

Finding My Niche- The Beginning

Finding My Niche

I've lived a rather sheltered life, sexually until about a year ago. I've been rather shy and modest. Normally I Am very bold ,outspoken and hard to keep quiet. But when the topic of conversation would become sex, Id revert to a church mouse. Head down, blushing uncontrollably...Who would've thought that this bold bitchy lady could be so easily flustered and lose her tongue ? 


Being the youngest in my circle of friends and acquaintance's, not having seen and experienced all that they had I became intrigued. How could they exude all this confidence and power. How do they have these regular everyday people committed to them. I have always been a little uppity,selfish and bossy but never have I seen it revered. I was captivated,enthralled . 

Sexually I was unhappy to say the least. I cant stand giving head (oral) but LOVE receiving it and nowadays everyone wants some sloppy toppy lol. Everyone wants to receive and not give. I wanted something different....Something I controlled. Silently I started my plan to enter this new found world that had existed all along. 

During my search i stumbled upon a posting titled " Oral slave Goddess needed". The posting read " WM in need of goddess to worship orally. Will please repeatedly as much as needed." As I read the post it was as if my fingers moved on their own. I began to answer the ad and wait.

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